New Role, More Cloud

So the finance sector has been left behind to pursue the Cloud dream in the retail / leisure sector!

Once the Cloud project in my last role hit the delivery phase, which was being delivered by a systems integrator, my day to day involvement in the project dropped off markedly so I have decided to move on and use the experience I have gained to help someone else, whilst exposing myself opening up myself to new learning experiences. My new employer is one of the largest cinema operators in Europe and the largest in the UK with sites in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria.

I’m tasked with developing infrastructure road map and a cloud adoption strategy amongst other things, so it is familiar ground that I am treading which hopefully means good progress will be made in short order!

As with most organisations, retail especially, the digitalisation of the business and the way it interacts with its customers is a key focus. It has also been an enlightening experience working somewhere where the pace of change is very quick and decisions are made swiftly. It means some decisions are made that don’t stand the test of time, but the agility it affords the organisation to make mistakes and move on is valuable without doubt.

The organisation has started to deploy services directly into Amazon AWS and it has been my first ‘production’ exposure to the platform and I have to say I’m mightily impressed with the AWS portfolio and the solutions you can build.

More to follow!

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